The concept of True Brew came to life when folks at True Life Church were looking for something that would draw people together.  Where do people linger and talk? What common thread could be woven into a community that would create a space – an atmosphere – where good friends are made and life’s issues maybe seem a little less daunting?  Well, nothing seemed to fit the bill better than a coffee shop.  Not only could that environment become a catalyst for showing the basic love of Jesus through simple acts of service and friendship, but the product itself could take on an even deeper significance than just a “cup of joe.”


There’s a dream behind every cup and every bag of True Brew coffee.  First, by spending the same amount cash you’d have spent on other retail brands, you’re enabling TLC to set aside a bit of that money toward the opening of a coffee shop to serve the community around us.  Secondly, a portion also goes outside our borders to missions around the world.


It’s our hope that True Brew will change the way you look at coffee from now on.  It’s a given that it is going to be a part of your day – why not transform the ordinary into something extraordinary?  Switch to True Brew – the coffee on a mission.  You’ll be helping us build a future – one sip at a time.



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